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The human body has for more power potential than is normally put to use and for that reason most people are not even aware of that power reserve. There is hardly ever any reason for using all of the possible strength and power of course is the development of skill, speed, and use of good techniques. Even so, you will feel more confident if you realize your power potential and if you train to use it to the best advantage. Breath controls has the function of concentrating and utilizing power to the greatest degree possible.


"As the brain is the seat of mental power the abdominal area is the seat of physical power" Without conscious planning, you automatically tighten your abdomen for a surge of power when you are doing heavy lifting or pushing, the procedure is this you take a breath, tighten your abdomen, and exhale sharply at the instant of critical action. Sometimes this is done with a silent exhalation but more often it is done with a sound or grunt. This is unconscious breath control and you can put the same principle to work for you consciously by practicing your hand and foot blows with breath control.



Too much is now known about psychology to dispute the statement that your attitude during Karate training will determine how well you can learn it. Teh oriental considers Karate a way of life. We have modified this attitude to confirm with Western thinking, but you must pay strict attention by the following if you are to make good progress in your training; frame of mind, exercise, diet, self - control.




Be alert for your practice sessions. Do not begin a practice session when you are over tired of distracted. Start each practice session in a confident mood.


They can conquer who believe they can. Learning Karate is a matter of self - discipline and work. Karate can be learned by anyone who is determined. Karate was originated for the purpose of self - defence and doing good. Enter into your training with the idea of using it for a good purpose and you will dissipate accomplish more since self discipline is so important in learning Karate you can increase your self - discipline by controlling your self in your relations with other people. You will self - control unless you maintain a falm and intelligent attitude toward others. Do not waste your energies by allowing yourself to be annoyed by petty situations. Avoid any aggressive tendencies. Aggressiveness weakness your self - control you will have no need for aggressiveness when you have confidence in your ability to take care of yourself in any situation.



DISCIPLINE Martial Arts is structured around respect and courtesy with a special emphasis on following simple instructions. This enables the student to attain self - discipline.

CONFIDENCE  Karate provides a student with control over his or her ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations building confidence and self - esteem. 


COORDINATON The movements and techniques used in the practice of Martial Arts develop bettercoordination, increased flexibility and strength. 

CONCENTRATION Training enhances the ability to focus on goals and achieve them. 

SELF - DEFENCE Students of the Martial Arts learn to recognize dangerous situations and avoid conflicts. 

RELAXATION The practice of Karate is a great way to burn excess energy and relieve stress.



Karate is art that requires your best possible form and balance. In order to get the most out of your technique, you must do it in perfect form, being aware of the fine points that make the technique effective, your must be able to do a one legged stand so that you can deliver a kicking technique or block attacks to your legs. For effective kicks and stable stances, you need a foot sense of balance.



Master and student must have the same approach, if training accidents are to be avoided. The elements which insure safety in training are these; Safety must be considered a desirable aspect of training. The students must have confidence in the efficiency of the techniques. There must be mutual respect between masters and students and among the students.


In the old fashioned method of training (Still used by many teachers), safety was not an important consideration. Student who were hurt of injured in training were expected to bear there injurties in brave, silence and such behaviour made them seem more 'worthy' of the honor of being taught unarmed fighting. When actual hand to hand combat was the finishing school for these students such an attitude was reasonable. In our time, students who benefit most from the modern type of training are those who are least likety to be attracted to the 'learn by suffering' school of thought. Moreover, students are not spending their entire lives in this practice (as did the feudal warriors) and they cannot afford to get hurt, they have work, school, college and family obligations which are at least as important as important element of training, safety rules will be taught and applied.


The purpose of this training is not to prove that they work, but to learn them. 'To learn them you do not have to hurt your training partners any more than you have to shoot people to prove a gun can kill'.

There is enough part of the efficiency of Karate techniques to ask you to have confidence in them rough or violent training is not necessary for good learning.


The Masters, Teachers, Senior Instructors, or Instructors Practice Partners who has your safety in mind is your best insurance against training accidnets.

Mutual respect and mutual concern should be encouraged.



Practice Fighting is your best chance to put the basic elements you have learned into real action. Always bear two things in mind; you must approach practice fighting with the true martial arts affitude of respecting what your opponent can do, and you must always strive to put what you know to best use. Practice Fighting demands that you bring together all that you have learned in daily training and that you crystallise your constant efforts to perfect your speed, strength, balance and timing.



Kata are a prredetermined series of blocking, evading and countering techniques against single or multiple attackers, who may be armed or unarmed. By performing a Kata the Karate Kas should imagine himself to be surrounded by opponents and be prepared to be execute defensive and offensive techniques in any direction that is the mental attitude to practice theKata should be the same as for Kumite (Sparring) All though the physical practice of the various Kata is in itself an excellent physical exercise promoting suppleness, flexibility and improved muscle tone and that proper practice demands that the martial artist develop (Zanshian) an alert, concentrated awareness of the totality of the situation with an untroubled 'unstopping' mind allowing complete freedom for appropriate and effective action.




In Karate, you learn how to punch (zuki), strike(uchi), kick(Geri), and block(Uke), Punching, striking, and kicking are offensice techniques, blocking on the other hand, is a defensive technique. These skills are the building blocks for the advances techniques.You can easily learn the basic techniques in just a few months, but perfecting them takees a lifetime of daily practice. That's why it's so important to learn how to do them correctly from the start.


In order to put the greatest power into a Karate movement you need to be able to concentrate strength from your entire body. You don't just punch with your arm or kick with your leg. The power must come from the centre of your body and them travel through your arm of leg into your hand or foot.

Concentration of power is called kime in Japanese, which means "focus"in English. To focus your technique, you need constant practice and training in the basic skills. You also need to learn how to relax your muscles at the start of a movement and tense them only just short of contact.


Since Karate is literally what the name means fighting with empty hands, it demands that we transform the whole human body into a weapon and use it effectively. To reach the sttage where it is possible to use all parts of the body, down to one single finger as a powerful weapon, we must know the proper way to handle our bodies. Since olden times, it has been said that Karate grip requires three years to learn, the sttanding method another three years. and the thrusting method still another three years. In other words making a powerful weapons of the body is the most important of all Karate basics. Completely and correctly mastering this basics requires intensive training.



An old Japanese proverb used to show the deepest meaning of the Japanese military art of fencing (Kendo) says,"If the sword is true, the heart is true and if the heart is true, the sword is true" In the sense that the heart of the man who holds the sword is manifest in the sword itself, this maxim applies to Karate where the weapon that replaces the (Kendo) sword is the human body. For this reason Karate Kas must take proper and good care of his body.


I emphasise the care and training of the body to all beginning students because the body as a weapon is so vital to Karate. All students must learn how to care for their bodies and must understand how to make of their bodies accurate and powerful Karate weapons.

You must alwas remember the logical training of entire body and correct coordination of all the body parts are essential to the development of effective Karate weapons.





Karate is now taught for self - defence in Karate Schools (dojos) and police academies, and on army bases, Many colleges and universities teach it for credit in physical education. You can learn many different styles of Karate. And you can do it whether you are male or female no matter how young or old you are.


When you practise Karate, you don't actually strike or kick your opponent. If you hit each other, you could seriously injure each other. Instead you control your movements so that you stop just short of making conttact. The point of Karate is to show that you could break through your opponents defence and hit him or her if you had to. People who practise Karate are called Karatekas. Since Karate is an art concerned with character as well as self - defence, Karatekas are expected to show good sportsmanship and respectt for their opppnents.



Mental attitude is important in all of the Karate Training, You begin each exercise without exception, by assuming a perfectly positive attitude. You are able to do that which you are about to practice. Without this attitude you will accomplish only a fraction of your potential. A conscious strong thought about every action must precede the phyiscal attempt to do it. It is a mental review so to speak,, which implants the idea of the action to help your body do its work. Mind and body must work together and that is developed with concentration in Karate training.


Self Deffence: A man trained in the art of Karate can, when necessary, take on two of more opponents at once, and incapacitate an enemy of superior height and weight without weapons, and with only the major use of sisst open hand, fingertips, Knee, elbow, foot and head.

Karate can also be described as a martial art, or fighting method, involving a variety of techniques, including blocks, strikes, evasions, throws, adnn joint manipulations. Karate practice is divided into three aspects: kihon (basics), kate (forms), adn kumite(sparring).


The word karate is a combination of two Japanese characters: kara, meaning empty, and te, meaning hand; thus, karate means "empty hand". Adding the suffix" - do" (pronounced "doe"), meaning "way, " i.e., karate - do, implies karate as a total way of life that goes well beyond the self - defense applications. In traditional karate - do, we always keep in mind that the true opponent is oneself.



Even if you have excellent punching, striking and kicking techniques, they will be useless unless you also know how 
to block your opponent's attacks. Blocking techniques are ways of moving your body to stop your opponent's attack that leave you in a good position for delivering a counter attack that is, a punch, stike or kick of your own.


Many people are attrated to Karate because of the kicking techniques. The kicks are beautiful and impressive to watch, and they have more power than attacks with the hands. The only drawback is that kicking techniques are very difficult to master. It takes a lot of practice before you can use them effectively.

To be able to deliver a good kick, you need correct form and good sense of balance, You need to begin your kick from a chamber position, which means bringing your foot to your knee before kicking.Then you need to fonish your kick in that same chamber position. The better your chamber, the better and more effective your kick will be.





Rhythm is the ability to create the correct tempo for a Karate movement. When your rhythm is just right, you apply strength at the correct moments.

Control the speed from one technique to the next, make smooth transitions between movements. Timing is very important if your timing is off, your technique will not work. When your timing is right, you start your defence in a way that will make your technique effective if you are an expert, you'll be able to know by the way your opponent is standing or beginning a movement, the best position for starting a correctly timed defence. Return to a stable position after performing your technique, stay relaxed and alert with your body ready to launch your next movement.


Many people believe that Karate requires no muscular strength, but they are mistaken. Even if you have focus (Kime), Soeed, timing and rhythm, your techniques will not be strong if your muscles are weak you don't need to build muscles (as in weight training) but you should tone and strengthen them by doing Karate exercises and by constantly repeating the basic techniques.


Through correct instructons and exercise Karate builds up mans innate strength to such heights that even boards tiles etc. can be split with the bare hands & legs. 



As a competitve game which develops both physical and mental skills, Karate as a sport, is now taught all over the world.


When you try the speed and strength your daily training has given you in breaking glass, boards, tiles, bricks of rooftiles, you are doing more than just measuring your own ability, you are also giving yourself a chance to reflect on the effects your training has had own both on your mind and body. When you see yourself that you can break this objects, you know that your body id possessed of the speed and strength you were striving for. "A Karate that ignores breaking practise is no more, useful than a fruit tee that bears no fruit."

The breaking techniques permit a spiritually unifies and trained man to exhibit feats of marvellous strength that the ordinary man can not imagine. 

Physical Fitness 

It is said that good habits make a good product. Let some of the good thoughts lead to forming of good habits and a good way of life and may these help you find your share of joy and happiness.

Man's business is to know for the sake of living, not to live for the sake of knowing. Seek and thou shall find - you have to give your dreams a concrete shape - so let this be a beginning!!

"Whenever a noble deed is wrought,
Whenever is spoken a noble thought,
Our hearts in glad surprise,
To higher levels rise."



"You become what you think!"

Quoting from the Bible, "As a man thinketh … so is he."
From Buddha, "All that we are is the result of what we have thought."
And from William James, "Belief (thought) creates the actual fact."


Just as the kind of food we eat builds our bodies, so the thoughts we think build our characters - what we really are or subsequently will become.

So what should we think about?

Surely we should think more and better thoughts.

Fortune is stagnant for those who do not move.
Fortune moves for those, who get up and move.
Fortune sleeps for those who sleep.
Fortune smiles more and more for those who
Continue moving forward day by day.


"Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present."
Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
Nothing is achieved before it is thoroughly attempted.

A wise man will make more opportunities, than he finds,

If you don't do it … You will never know what would have happened, if you had done it.

No great man ever complains of want of opportunity.
Purity, patience and perseverance are three essentials to success.

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